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It is hard to imagine a country with more to offer the tourist. A ski enthusiast, an art-lover and a sun worshipper will all be equally at home in Italy. Sensuous, full of light, and basking in glorious Mediterranean sunshine, Italy will not fail to work its charm on you. Take a water taxi down the Grand Canal in Venice, experience the mosaics of Ravenna, stroll around ancient Rome, try and catch the eye of a Milanese waiter in an elegant city café. This is all part of the unique Italian experience. Your palate will be tantalized by the clear, true flavours of wine and food simply prepared, lovingly executed and elegantly served. Come to Italy and start a love affair that will last and last.

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If traveling is your passion, Brazil is your destination. Brazil will take your breath away. For the sporty, the adventurous, the curious. For children, teenagers and adults. For couples, families and friends. For all kinds of people, all the time. With its dazzling beaches, forest trails and lively cities, Brazil will put all your emotions to the test. Pack your bags.

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"Taking a Tour" Guide

We advise that upon your arrival you immediately exchange some of your money into the local currency. Exchange desks are readily available to you upon your arrival at the airport. You also have the option of converting money or cashing travelers checks at the different hotels along your stay. Most of the tours include the the essential items (hotel, transportation, tours and most meals), but carrying cash is advised for dining out and shopping.

Credit Cards
Most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) are widely accepted all over the world and ATM machines have become part of the landscape in many foreign countries. But, you may still find it necessary to carry cash when you venture into small towns and rural areas.

The number one priority when on a tour is comfort. Travelers are advised to pack informal clothing such as Jeans, slacks, shorts, shirts, blouses and tee shirts for daytime wear. If you’re contemplating dining out at one of the many fine restaurants, then we suggest a jacket and tie. In winter warm clothes, gloves, a scarf, light sweaters and a warm coat or parka are advised. A comfortable pair of walking shoes or tennis shoes are a must for many of the sightseeing tours are conducted on foot as motor vehicles are often banned from historic places of interest. In summer the temperatures can be extremely high, so don't forget to take sunglasses, sun-block and most important of all - a light hat. When packing you must remember to leave room for souvenirs. Also, when a party of two is traveling it might be a good idea to split each others belongings in two suitcases. If there is a problem with the airlines and the luggage is misplaced, neither one of the passengers will be left with no luggage.

Health and Safety
During the tour, medicines and sanitary items are not immediately available to you, so it is a good idea to carry your own travel medicine kit. If you are taking medication it is advised that you have a duplicate of the prescribed drugs for emergencies. Also, if you are prone to motion sickness you also should carry along some Dramamine or Ginger tablets. It is also a good idea to carry sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 since most tours visit areas closer to the equator where the sun's rays are stronger and it takes less time for skin to burn.

Passports and Visas
You must keep your passport in a safe place at all times. Some countries require Visas which MUST be issued and valid prior to your tour and throughout the duration of your tour. If you are traveling abroad, apply for your passport and visas as far in advance as you can. During the peak travel seasons when the passport offices process the most applications, securing a passport can take several weeks. It is always a good idea to carry a duplicate of your passport and visa at all times. Securing replacements of these documents when you travel abroad is much easier when you can provide copies of originals. Acquiring visas are the passengers responsibility. Visa companies are available upon request.

Trip cancellation insurance
It is impossible to predict accidents or unwanted incidents that may interfere with your travel plans, so it is highly advisable that you purchase trip cancellation insurance. Most tour companies offer insurance packages which can be purchased at the time of deposit. The majority of the insurance companies offer you protection against cancellation for medical reasons and medical emergency coverage while on the tour.

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