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Great Cruise Vacation Package offers cruise vacation packages at excellent prices. We have cruise vacation packages from over 15 cruise lines. This includes cruise vacation packages by Carnival cruise line, Royal Caribbean cruise vacation packages, and cruise vacation packages by Princess cruise lines. You can also select cruise vacation packages by destination. Caribbean cruise vacation packages, for example, are the most affordable, while cruise vacation packages to Europe are among the most interesting.

Caribbean Cruise

Get out there with Royal Caribbean cruises on this 4-day roundtrip jaunt from Ft. Lauderdale. In Key West, enjoy an eco-tour of a living coral reef and try a slice of Key lime pie. Take advantage of spectacular snorkeling along Cozumel's Palancar Reef, then experience the thrill of a hands-on dolphin adventure! Onboard Enchantment of the Seas, indulge in body-pampering amenities in the ShipShape Spa right on the cruise liner, and toast good times in the elegant cruise liner Champagne Bar. Your cruise includes: shipboard accommodations, ocean transportation, entertainment, daily activities, on-board meals, some beverages, and more. If you want an unforgetable but affordable cruise, this is it!

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Cruise to Mexico

Sail on an 8-day dream cruise-vacation aboard Celebrity's Mercury, roundtrip from San Francisco. Maraca your way into Mexicali-style Cabo San Lucas, the perfect spot for deep-sea fishing and whale watching. Continue the cruise in Mazatlan with shopping in the Golden Zone and miles of sandy beaches. California sea life abounds at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. While on the cruise, at sea, enjoy an enriching milk bath in the world-class AquaSpa, right on cruise liner, and an elegant dinner with tableside service at the Olympic Restaurant. Your cruise package includes shipboard accommodations, ocean transportation, entertainment, daily activities, on-board meals, some beverages, and more.

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Quick Cruise Booking Guide

Cruise – Your Dream Vacation

A cruise can easily be your dream vacation. There is however, some effort needed on your part to make sure that your selected cruise destination, cruise line, ship, and accommodations suit your needs well. Fortunately, VacationSpirit makes it a breeze by providing detailed information on every cruise line, ship, and destinations. You can easily see the specifications and accommodations of each ship. Reading this guide will also help you understand what to expect on a cruise.

Picking a Specific Cruise Line
Like many other industries, cruise lines "target" their product or cruise ship experience to hit certain markets. They can be subjectively divided into 5 basic categories: 1) The ultra-luxury market . These are upscale ships (often much smaller than the mega-liners) that generally cater to wealthy people. Silver Seas would be one example. Service and food is truly gourmet. 2) The upscale mass market. These do a wonderful job and provide a cruise experience on a larger ship and, of course, at a higher price than any category, except for the previous one. 3) The Middle of the Road Mass Market . All of the big lines are in this category, including Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Holland American, Princess, etc. These offer a great deal of value. 4) The Bargain/Smaller Lines . This is the most varied category. 5) Specialized Lines . These include a wide variety also, including barge cruises in Europe and smaller ships (150 passengers or so) that ply the inside passage to and from Alaska , as well as "adventure" cruising that lines like Renaissance targets. Of course, every one has individual tastes and budget. So it is important to research the available options of cruise lines and their offerings.

Ports of Call
Ports that you visit offer an opportunity to stretch your legs and get off the ship for a change of pace. In general, it is important to realize that you will only get a tiny sampling of the port or country that you'll visit. Most often (particularly in the Caribbean ), you may be bombarded with hordes of people who will be lined up to take you around the city or island, or to sell you something. Some ports offer world-class opportunities to see things worthwhile (e.g., New York , Singapore , etc.); others are so pedestrian, there is little there of interest. Sometimes there are a multitude of ship-sponsored shore excursions. At others, you will have to explore by yourself. Sometimes it is even preferable. It gives you an opportunity to get out and encounter the local culture. After all, it is disheartening, for example, to have a fantasy about seeing Rome or some wonderful sights, only to find that you are on a drive-by tourist bus with your shipmates, and that if you're lucky, you may stop for 15 minutes to take pictures.

Pick Your Cabin Wisely
Generally, the more desirable cabins (also more expensive ones) are on the top decks of a ship - and they almost always sell out first. The old adage used to be, don't worry about your cabin; you won't spend much time there to begin with. Actually, that's not true. Since cruise lines have shifted to the concept of thinking of a ship as a self-contained resort, more emphasis has been placed on making your cabin as comfortable (and as large) as possible. Of course the cabin selection depends largely on personal taste, budget, length of cruise, and weather. For example, getting an outside cabin with a balcony is great (albeit expensive) if the weather is nice. You can sit outside and enjoy splendid scenery. On the other hand, if it is blustery weather, you probably will think that a balcony is a waste of money. Selection of your cabin may also affect whether you feel the ship “rock & roll”. The cabins in the center of the ship enjoy much less movement.

Sea Sickness
In general, this concern is overdone, perhaps more among first time cruisers. The larger ships have several stabilizers that even out the pitch and roll of the ship - but in rough seas you can certainly feel some discomfort. If you have a predisposition to sea sickness, ask for a cabin near the center part of the ship, away from the bow (front), or the stern (rear) of the ship. You'll get relatively less movement in the center sections. One downside to this is to be sure you get a cabin away from elevators, stairs (which are often near the center of the ship) or other high traffic areas if you value a more quiet night's sleep. Finally, if you are prone to motion sickness, the ship's doctor can give you something for a nominal charge - or you may choose to get an over the counter product from your pharmacist before you leave.

Advantages of a Cruise
Since you came to VacationSpirit, it is possible that cruise is not the only option you are considering for your vacation. So what are advantages and disadvantages of going on a cruise as opposed to a vacation? Cruises can represent one of the most memorable and high value-added vacations today. You can party up a storm or curl up with a good book and just chill out, or do a little of each. You can eat yourself from one of end the ship to another, or go for nutritious or even vegetarian menus while working out daily at state-of-the-art on board spas. If you consider the cost of hotels, airfare, meals, rental cars, the hassles of packing and unpacking, getting caught in traffic and all the other things that can tarnish that "big vacation," it is easy to understand why so many people choose to go on a cruise. However, cruises have disadvantages as well. You are pretty much limited to the destinations that are on course of the cruise. So you do not have much control over what you will see and experience. The ship, although the size of a small town, is also a limitation. You spend majority of your time on the ship, while on a vacation you can fully dedicate yourself to exploring your destination. Nevertheless, a cruise is the best way to see a lot of places and have a lot of experiences in a short period of time, and with very high level of comfort. How important is each upside and downside to you depends only on your tastes.

Quick F.A.Q.
Hopefully this general description helped to get a better idea what a cruise is and what you can expect. Now to get more specific about cruises, please check out the following short FAQ.

How long are cruises?
The 3-day weekend, 4-day midweek, week long, 10 day are all popular, but you can also find cruises that are several months in length. You can find 2-day cruises and even some lasting only a few hours just to gamble in international waters. In other words, any combination of time from hours to months are offered to attract your vacation dollars.
Where do cruises go?
Just about anywhere in the world. The Caribbean, Pacific coast of California, Mexico and Alaska are popular among tourists from the United States. But, cruising is basically found where ever you find water.
Once you pick a region, aren't many of the cruises offered within that region the same?
No, you'll also be able to find a great variety of types of cruises in many areas of the globe. The Caribbean is sailed by many different Cruise Lines and ships. Each Cruise Line and ship has its own flavor. You'll find budget all the way to super luxury available in the Caribbean. The cruise itineraries also offer differences in lengths and ports visited. Any two Caribbean cruises can provide very different vacation experiences.
Since the cabins are built for two or more people, can I go on a Cruise if I'm by myself?
  • Yes, Cruise Lines usually have a special rate available if you are cruising alone. However, this rate can be as high a 200% of those for a single person in a double occupancy cabin. In other words, you might be paying for two cruises even though you are by yourself. You'll want to look for a Cruise Line that has a lower single rate.
  • You can also consider a "single share" program that some Cruise Lines offer. The Cruise Line will find a roommate for you, so you can cruise at the lower double occupancy rate. If they can't find you a partner you usually still get the cabin at the cheaper rate. With partner programs, you might find a lifelong friend. However, you are also taking the risk of being stuck in a room with someone whom you're not comfortable.
Will the type of cruise I pick really make a difference in my vacation?
  • Yes, the Cruise Ship is your hotel, restaurant and entertainment for your whole vacation. It is a package deal that is different from a traditional vacation. You'll want to spend some time and do some research to make sure you pick the right cruise for you. The perfect cruise for some might be a miserable one for others. Make sure you find the best match. You'll want to find the best rate on the right cruise for you, not just the cheapest rate. Cruise Lines cater to certain groups and their whole ship is meant to entertain and please that crowd.
  • Some cater to certain age groups, singles or families.
  • Some are calm, elegant and feature haute cuisine.
  • Some have lots of loud, exciting activities to attract the active crowds.
  • Others have lots of family activities planned, so the ship will be filled with kids.
  • You will find some that have shore excursions just for you, while others look boring.
How can I find the best cruise for me?
  • Do some research, it will be worth it.
  • Check out the Cruise Line's web pages and brochures for information. Look at the pictures and see what types of activities they have planned. Have they planned a cruise to make someone like you happy?
  • Make some decisions early. Are you looking for a quiet relaxed cruise, a romantic getaway or a party atmosphere? Once you have an idea of what you want out of your vacation, you can judge the different cruises on how well they meet your expectations.
  • Ask your friends, but remember that you are looking for the best cruise for you. Make sure you ask them what they were looking to get out of their vacation. Your friends may have loved the cruise because it was exactly what they wanted. Make sure you have similar expectations before you book the same cruise.
  • Ask lots of questions of your booking agent.

What factors should I consider to help me decide which cruise to pick?
  • The amount you have budgeted and the overall cost of the cruise.
  • Any special price breaks or deals.
  • The Cruise Line's reputation for the quality of its cuisine and its menu.
  • The Cruise Line's reputation for customer service.
  • The Cruise Line's previous ship safety and cleanliness record.
  • The overall atmosphere the cruise conveys. Whether it is family fun, party time, quite elegant sophistication or romantic getaway.
  • The length of the Cruise.
  • The Ship's own facilities.
  • On ship activities planned.
  • Any theme attached to the cruise.
  • The ports you will be visiting.
  • The shore excursions that the Cruise Line offers.
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